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Unwind and relax with Kiara Sky’s Pedi & Pamper Bundle. Customize this special offer with your favorite 2 PediPack scents, and four of our gorgeous shades of nail lacquer in the colors of your choosing, or pick 3 colors and one of our ultra high-quality lacquer top coats for the pedicure of your dreams! Our four-step pedicure system contains all the necessities you’ll need for a luxurious spa day. Protect your feet from wear and tear, remove excess dead skin cells, and lock in moisture with these easy-to-use PediPackets for a quick, no-mess pamper session. Complete with a bath boamb soak, exfoliating scrub, foot mask, and a rejuvenating lotion, Kiara Sky’s PediPacks will have your feet feeling beyond fresh! Go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it! 


- 2 PediPacks of your choice

- 3 Nail Lacquer Colors of your choice

- Another Nail Lacquer Color of your choice OR one of our best-selling nail lacquer top coats. 


Reviews (1)

Dina 2nd May 2020

Love Love Love!

I am so happy I bought this pedi pack. I picked the colors: New York City, The Simple Life, 90's Baby and the Top coat. I love this top coat, goes on smooth. I used the Simple Life so far and I love that color so much. Can't wait to try the other colors. In the pedi packs, I picked Mint To Be Cool and Mesmerizing Escape. Can't wait to use them either!

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Additional Info

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