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#6 Brush Saver: The last bottle is for cleaning brushes between and during applications, dissolving any leftover powder. It maintains a soft and clean brush during applications.

Instructions: To use the Kiara Sky Brush Saver, remove the dirty/used brush that you would like to clean and wipe off all excess product. Repeat this step with the Brush Saver brush. Swap the brushes so that the dirty/used brush is now soaking in your Brush Saver bottle. Leave these closed for at least 15 minutes before swapping the caps/brushes back to their appropriate bottles.

 Here is a video explaining these steps:



Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our easy-to-use dip powder and dip essentials. Kiara Sky dip powder is formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails. 

Size:  15 ml
Made in the USA 



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Cassandra Mendoza 22nd Jun 2019

This stuff is great!

It definitely softens up my brushes when they get stiff you can find instructional videos on youtube ... you basically get the brush you want to clean wipe off as much product as you can and fan out and wipe off bristles to get off excess product.. put it in the brush saver and let it sit for as long as you can . Than pull it out when you're ready wipe and fan out bristles to wipe off as much product again and put it back in original bottle and BAM done. I have only had to use it for the brushes that can get hard like the base and top coat the rest are fine .

Sophie w 23rd Jan 2019

Brush saver

Definitely some missing instructions when it comes to the brush saver... Is it for all the products to clean their brushes? I cant imagine needing it for the bond but what about the base/seal protect/top coat?? Do i dip the whole brush in the saver bottle?? Should I be wiping off each brush before putting them back into their respective containers? Ive only used my colour kit once and i used the brush saver on my top coat brush and when i went to use it again, it was all hard like glue and I had to replace it with one of the spares.... Seriously though, this nail bestie needs more instructions for how to properly use the brush saver

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