♥︎ When will my order ship?

Normally you can expect your shiny new nail products to ship within 3-5 business days (M-F not including weekends and holidays).  However due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions to ensure the safety of our staff, we are experiencing slower than usual processing times. Please allow 5-8 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. Don’t worry, we got your back, as soon as your order ships you will receive email confirmation along with a tracking number.

♥︎ Do you ship outside of the United States? How much does shipping cost?
Of course we do, fabulous nails are well-traveled. We will ship almost everywhere in the world. Shipping rates vary based on weight and distance; estimated cost will be calculated at check out. PLEASE NOTE: International customers are responsible for all Duties, Taxes and/or VAT (Value Added Tax) or customs fees imposed by their respective countries when shipping internationally. These taxes are NOT included in the International shipping fee and orders will not be refunded because of unwanted additional fees. Please check with your local post office to find out fees before placing an order.

♥︎ Do you ship to P.O. Boxes or APO addresses?
UPS is our shipping partner and unfortunately they cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. If you are unable to provide any other physical address for us to ship to, give us a call and we will try to make special arrangements for you. Also we are unable to ship to any APO or FPO addresses. We love our service men and women, but due to FedEx restrictions we cannot provide this shipping method.

♥︎ My order shipped, when will it arrive?
Our friends at UPS Ground work pretty quickly. Orders to residents within the USA, once shipped typically arrive in 3-5 business days. Orders outside the USA can take 7-15 business days. 

♥︎ What payment methods do you take?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Afterpay in the US and PayPal. 

♥︎ Are Duties, Taxes and/or Value Added Tax included when shipping internationally?
Customers are responsible for all Duties, Taxes and/or VAT (Value Added Tax) imposed by their respective countries when shipping internationally. These taxes are NOT included in the International shipping fee.

♥︎ What is your return policy?
We cherish all of our customers and pride ourselves on keeping the positive vibes flowing. We will happily replace products damaged during shipping if you contact us within 15 days of delivery.

As a result of safety and cleanliness standards, as well as new restrictions imposed by health officials in our area regarding COVID-19, we are unable to accept any returns, offer any refunds, or allow exchanges for any other reasons. We’re pretty sure you will thoroughly enjoy our products anyway.

If you received an item that is damaged, please contact our customer service team by emailing customerservice@kiarasky.com with your order number, pictures of the damaged products, and a copy of your original invoice. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the return shipped date for your account to be credited. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. PLEASE NOTE: All orders shipped back to our facilities without previous approval from our Customer Service Team will be rejected as a safety COVID-19 precaution.

♥︎ How can I change my order?
E-mail us at customerservice@kiarasky.com or give us a call at (661)393-4800. Due to the overwhelming amount of orders we are receiving and to avoid further delays for all other orders placed, only orders that are "Awaiting Fulfillment" can be changed during this time.

♥︎ Do we carry sample sizes?
We are so sure you will love our products that we do not carry sample sizes. However customers are always welcome to purchase individual colors on the Kiara Sky website. You won’t be disappointed. The hard part will be stopping at just one!

♥︎ Do the gel polishes for Kiara Sky need a gel polish base coat?
Unless they are being used on an acrylic, you do not need a base coat. Just pick a gel polish and go.

♥︎ How does the OMBRÉ (mood changing polish) work?
We all get a little moody once in a while, right? Why not make it colorful. The 44 playful shades change color based on your body temperature, your mood, the heat of your coffee cup, or even while you’re holding an ice cold smoothie.

♥︎ Is your products cruelty free?
Yes, our products are cruelty free. We love our furry besties and believe in beauty without cruelty!

♥︎ Is there a catalogue or poster that I can use at my salon?
We do have catalogs, but they are given solely to distributors. However, a poster would look fabulous in your salon let us know and we will send you one for a small shipping fee or you can download a poster file for free! DIP POWDER POSTER

Dip Powder FAQs

♥︎ Why should I choose Dip powder over other nail enhancements?

Our Dip Powder Starter Kit is the #1 best-selling kit for a reason or a few. Dip powder is perfect to DIY because it doesn’t require an LED light, a nail drill or monomer! It’s super easy to do in salons, at home and it can be applied on natural nails or with nail tips! A good dip powder mani will last up to 2 weeks and can easily be removed with acetone! The amazing thing about our kit (aside from being cruelty free and loved by professional nail techs, influencers & celebs) is that it comes with EVERYTHING you’ll need for a gorgeous mani and it’s so fun to do!

♥︎ Is this acrylic or a gel?
Our dip powders do have a small percentage of acrylates, which is a main ingredient in acrylic powders. However our powders have added vitamins and calcium and are much finer than traditional acrylic. You also uses a series of glazes rather than monomer for application. The reason it’s in such high demand is because you get the acrylic look, but without the damage to the nail or the heavy feel.

♥︎ How many sets can be done from each 1oz bottle of dip powder?
There are 10-20 sets, depending on the length of the nail and how much product is being used. That is why you should treat yourself and purchase more than one… just sayin.

♥︎ How do I apply dip powder?
You can find our Dip Powder tutorials at How To Do Color Dip Powder and  How To Do French Dip Powder , check it out!


Gelly Tips FAQs 

♥︎ What are Gelly Tips?

Kiara Sky’s Gelly Tips are the easiest gel nail extension at your fingertips! These innovative nail extensions provide a lightweight, easy-to-apply, time-saving alternative compared to traditional nail enhancements. Specifically designed to last up to 3 weeks without any lifting or chipping! Our Gelly Tips are soak-off and can be easily removed without damage, so you can switch up your manicure as often as you'd like!

♥︎ How are Gelly Tips applied?

You can apply KS Gelly Tips using a quick and easy method using our Builder Gel and curing with the hands free Beyond Pro Flash Cure Mini Lamp that comes with your kit. The best part is, you can finish off your Gelly Tips with your favorite gel polish or nail lacquer for the easiest salon mani that you could do on your own hands! For a step-by-step tutorial on applying your Gelly Tips, please click here.

♥︎ When will Gelly Tips be Back in Stock?

Thank you so much for your interest in our NEW Gelly Tips! We are completely sold out at the moment but we are working hard to bring them back asap. We are estimating a restock date of 05/10, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to guarantee a final restock date. If you’d like to be notified of when we restock, please make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list and you turn on your post notifications on our Instagram page if you follow us! 

♥︎ I have a flatter nail bed, will the Gelly Tips fit me?

Definitely! Everyone can use our new Gelly Tips, it's just about finding the perfect fit! We have a few tips to help to achieve this gorgeous nail extension you’re after: First off, when sizing the tip to the nail bed, you may find it useful to file the Gelly Tip down around the cuticle area for a better fit. All hands are different, and although KS Gelly Tips are perfectly shaped, some Gelly Tips wearers prefer the fit of the tips when they fit comfortably on their nail bed.Second, we recommend a generous amount of Builder gel. You'll need a good amount of Builder cured to the natural nail and well as on the underside of the Gelly tip and press and hold firmly while curing. This will help seal the space between a flatter nail bed and the slight curve of the Gelly Tip.


♥︎ Can you use Dip Powder with Gelly Tips?

You absolutely can! Keep in mind that both enhancements are already really strong on their own if applied correctly, so you don't really need it but you can definitely use it for art and color! Get creative and do cool ombre, marble or french designs or simply cover your tips in dip for a gorgeous color! For best results, however, we do recommend using Gel Polish with our Gelly Tips as this will give you the smoothest look! Want some nail ideas and inspo for Dip Powder and Gelly Tips? Follow our Instagram here!

♥︎ Can you use Nail Lacquer with Gelly Tips?

It is always best to use the Gelly Tips with gel polish to ensure longer wear but you may absolutely use nail lacquer as well! Get creative and create the mani of your dreams! To apply nail lacquer on Gelly Tips simply: buff the Gelly Tips until they look frosty, apply your desired KS Nail Lacquer color and top it off with the Nail Lacquer Top Coat of your choice! It's important to remember that you cannot apply a Gel Polish Top Coat on top of Nail Lacquer so keep this in mind! 

♥︎ Can I do a FILL on Gelly Tips?

Filling your Gelly Tips is super easy and one of the many reasons why we LOVE this system. You can fill your nails by lightly filling your Gelly Tips and your new nail growth, until most product is removed, and apply Prep and Primer to the natural nail growth. Afterward, fill this growth with Builder Gel, building up the nail in thin layers and curing after each one. Pay extra attention to the cuticle area and drag the excess product to the end of your tip to ensure it's smooth and even. Cure, and voila! Your Gelly Tips manicure is filled! Finish off with a new coat of your favorite lacquer or gel polish! For a quick tutorial on a Fill click here!

♥︎ How do I remove my Gelly Tips?

Ready for a new shape or set of Gelly Tips? Removal is quick and easy! Start by cutting down your Gelly Tips as much as possible and filling off as much of the top coat, color, and Builder Gel as possible. Pro Tip: Be sure to not file down your natural nail so they can stay strong and healthy! Once you are done filling as much product as possible, soak your nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes and gently remove the excess product with a cuticle pusher. The thinner the product is, the faster removal is, so make sure you get it as thin as possible without filing your natural nail bed!  

 ♥︎ I see an empty compartment in my Gelly Tips box, am I missing tips?

Definitely not! Our Gelly Tips come in 10 sizes, going from 0- 9. Each Gelly Tips Box includes 50 pieces of each size for a total of 500 pieces. This means that while our box does have a compartment for a size 00, we do not carry it. Rest assured all 500 pieces are in your box and you have every size we carry, starting at 0 and ending at 9! 


♥︎ When will my order ship?

Please allow 5-8 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. Due to the overwhelming demand for our products, and the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing slower than usual processing times. Our shipping and customer service teams are doing everything they can to get orders out as soon as possible, so please rest assured your order will ship asap! 

♥︎ What is your current processing time?
Our shipping and customer service teams are doing everything they can to get orders out as soon as possible, so please allow 5-8 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. 

♥︎ My order was refunded/cancelled, what does this mean?

We sincerely apologize for the issues you've experienced with your order. This is not the experience we typically provide for our customers and I am really sorry we failed you. There was an overwhelming demand for our products and we were unable to maintain proper inventory levels which caused us to sell out before we expected. We are working hard on getting the Gelly Tips back in stock, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to produce them as fast as we typically due. We know you’d been waiting for a long time and we didn’t want to make you wait any longer so we refunded your order for the time being to avoid further delays. This was not an easy decision, but holding your money for that long without a guaranteed restock date didn’t feel right. We hope you can understand and give us another chance soon! Our Gelly Tips estimated restock date is 04/29 and you will be one of the very first people to be notified, so if you’d like to place an order again please check your email for a coupon code. This will also mark your order as priority and ensure it ships out asap. 

Kiara Sky MSDS form

♥︎ Where can I find Kiara Sky MSDS Forms

 Click here to download our MSDS sheets