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Up your nail game with the BeyondPro LED Lamp.  Next in LED innovation this lamp is cordless and rechargeable! It has a handle for easy mobility and is made from the best technology on the market! Not only will you save time with this quick cure lamp, but it will also look amazing at your station. Specifically designed with quality in mind it will optimize Kiara Sky gel application. Add this to your Kiara Sky collection, you won’t be disappointed! 

Kiara Sky™ BeyondPro LED Lamp Features:

·         Cordless & rechargeable power system

·         Motion sensor activation

·         Added fan and vents for client comfort

·         Built In handle for convenient mobility

·         Removable stainless steel tray

·         On/off feature for manual start and stop

·         LCD display timer with countdown

·         48 watts max

·         Custom preset cure time 15, 30, 60 and optional 90sec low heat feature

·         High quality reflection cup and LED bulb with Chip Scale Package technology (flip chip+ceramic plate)

·         1 year warranty




Reviews (7)

Ashley 17th Oct 2019

Perfect in Every Way!

This lamp, I feel, is like the Mother of all curing lamps out there. It's hard to find a bad quality about it. It's lightweight, yet sturdy, it cures evenly (no wrinkly thumb nails!) it comes in a box that has a handle so you can travel with it, and it charges so it can be used wireless. As a bonus, it's very cute in design! What is not to love? It's truly worth every penny and I will likely be buying a second one just for convenience haha, it's just that awesome.

Liz 14th Oct 2019

Great product worth the money

Love this lamp! Light weight very pretty and no cord needed and rechargeable Best product worth the money

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