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With this nail starter kit, clients will enjoy stronger, lightweight, and natural long-lasting nails. Our easy-to-use dip powder feel natural and do not damage the nail bed. This nail starter kit is professionally formulated without harsh chemicals and contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discoloring and lifting. Our Kiara Sky Dip System is an all-inclusive professional nail kit that comes with everything you need to create elegant French manicures or beautiful full coverage overlays in less time than traditional acrylic application. See why Kiara Sky's dip system is the healthier alternative for nail enhancements. 

Dip System Starter Kit Includes: 

- Bond (.5 fl oz)
- Base (.5 fl oz)
- Seal Protect (.5 fl oz)
- Top (.5 fl oz)
- Nourish Oil (.5 fl oz)
- Brush Saver (.5 fl oz)
- Natural Powder (1 oz)
- Pure White (1 oz)
- Light Pink Powder (1 oz)
- Medium Pink Powder (1 oz)
- Dark Pink Powder (1 oz)
- KS Dip Case



Reviews (173)

21st Nov 2017

Super simple.

This was my first time working with dip powder. The system was really easy to follow with clear instructions. The packaging is beautiful and well labeled. My only criticism would be that on purchasing the starter kit there was no indication that clear powder would be needed to be purchased separately. When following the instructions only did I realize it qas needed. Other than that, perfect product. Will definitely be using it regularly from now on. Have not worn my new nails for long so can’t at this time comment on durability.

Corie 20th Nov 2017

Easy for beginner and long lasting!

This was my first time ever doing my own SNS nails. The kit came with easy to follow instructions and they fill their jars all the way to the top! After I did my own I got so many compliments and started doing so many of my friends and families nails! It was so easy and was so quick. The pigments are great even in the starter set and I was able to do an easy french ombre! These lasted me for about 3-4 weeks at a time and I didnt have any signs of them really wearing out and no problems with them falling off. Also, this product sat really well on my nails and I don't feel like there was near as much nail damage when I removed these. This has already lasted me almost 20 uses and I'm just now at the halfway point in my jars and have tons of the solution left! Buying this kit saved me so much money at the nail salon. I will be using only this system from now on!

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Additional Info

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