4-Pack Replacement Brushes

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4-Pack replacement brushes. 


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Tara I 27th Jul 2017

Replacement brushes

I'm just writing a review on the 4-pack of replacement brushes I just got the starter pack for the dip powder and I noticed that the first two times I used it I guess I was doing something wrong and the brush for the topcoat was getting rockhard and stuck together . I contacted the company and A person answered which I wasn't expecting, and she was very helpful and stated that I didn't wipe the seal protect off good enough and when the seal protect is missed mixed with the topcoat it creates a glue like action and so she told me that I could order the replacement ones and told me what to do so I ended up ordering 10 packs of them so that I have 40 altogether but now that I know what I'm doing I have too many but there's never a problem to have too many ... overall I'm Very happy and the dip powder are going to be replacing my acrylic system I'm currently using.

arezoo lashgari 6th Jun 2017


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